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Здесь я выложил эксперименты своего голоса . Научится петь можно самому . Все упражнения по изменению голоса я взял из творчества
группы Pet Shop Boys и предоставив вам аудио и видео материал показываю где именно я взял упражнения . Здесь я также описываю круг
поиска упражнения которое является ключевым , оно снимает зажим , делает голос свободным , сочным , ярким , громче , насыщенней ,
певческим и тд . . Так же в раздаче вы найдёте некоторые ссылки и список полезных программ , среди которых есть по откату системы ...

Disctortion II

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Don't look if you don't want to spoil the surprise as to who will be sending you your CD. However, in a few weeks if you haven't received yours, at least you can look up who it is you should be chasing :)

I will be sending out emails with names/addresses this evening.

Hopefully this will mean that everyone gets their CD!
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Better late than never, eh? ;)

You should all have received an email or an LJ comment (except a couple of you, as some people have moved houses and I'm not sure of their new addresses) with an address to send your CD to, sorry for being crap and taking so long!

If you want your CD to be a surprise, then don't click the cut - I've listed who's sending who a CD in case anyone was curious :)

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Edit: Er, think I'm supposed to say something cheesily Challenge Anneka-like and encouraging here like, 'have fun and get CD-burning, your time starts NOW!' but just the thought is making me feel sick.

Have this instead:


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Hello hello :)

Whilst browsing LJ I came across another similar community which has a rule saying each new member has to post an introduction (although as far as I'm aware most people on here probably know each other already) along with a couple of paragraphs about what sort of music they like - does anyone think this is a good idea, or do you want to keep it completley random?

Any suggestions for additions to the community interests list would be very welcome.

Also, if anyone wants to make an icon for the community, feel free!